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MJC Labor Solutions, LLC introduces LatinLabor.com; LatinLabor.com allows labor strapped business owners with the opportunity to acquire hardworking, reliable and qualified foreign laborers.

LatinLabor.com has a staff with 18 years of first hand experience in the legal foreign laborer acquisition process.

LatinLabor.com has extensive contacts throughout Central and South America that enables it  to obtain the best workers. The company's partners are fluent in Spanish and have a broad understanding of important Latino customs; these intangibles leverage our company with a significant advantage over our competitors.

Here is a snapshot of our staff:

This is our goal to make it easier for you

Now, more than ever, solving the vexing labor problem has become a cornerstone in enabling companies to prosper in today's unpredictable economy...

LatinLabor.com is your headquarters for obtaining legal laborers. The people we recruit are honest, intelligent, dedicated and motivated adult laborers. Speaking Spanish shouldn't be an obstacle in acquiring foreign workers. We can find you a bilingual key person or we can provide translation services on the "go" to your basic workers. With an office in Mexico, we screen and recruit only the most qualified foreign workers. The screening process includes drug testing, work experience and background checks.

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Services latinlabor.com Offers

Latinlabor.com is your comprehensive labor center. Below you will find a list of services that we provide. As your will learn, we can legally acquire the specific worker(s) you need. We can provide housing, and serve as a translator ,together with providing other consulting services.

Since we conduct the interviews with the potential workers, we find the right people for your job. We can search according to years of experience in a certain profession or search for a bilingual foreign laborer. It is our profession to find the manpower you need to make your work easier.

Carl A Hemphill


Carl has lived in San Jose, Costa Rica for a year and has spent  considerable time in Mexico as well as , Argentina, Colombia, El  Salvador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Spain. His business and personal life is  enveloped by Latin culture and relationships. Carl attended San Jose University with a major in business administration.  Along with his extensive experience of the Visa acquisition process,  Carl specializes in matching specific workers to your needs.

 "One of the keys to our success is our screening process. We have  interviewed hundreds of individuals in Mexico and have built an  extensive database of their differents laborers available and their  skills. This ensures a quality recruit when he or she arrives for work at your business. It ties in with my notion of "break  out force". What this concept implies is the force necessary to overcome  seemingly impossible obstacles you encounter in life. These workers  give your company the "break force" necessary for you to overcome these obstacles and build success for your  business." 


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